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You afraid of bullet? You will be now.
— Heavy Tuba Gunner

Heavy Tuba Gunner is a heavy weapons user working for the Brass Empire.


Heavy Tuba Gunner has a large frame with a bulky figure. He hauls a massive tuba and has thick brass armor all over his body. Despite being incredibly strong, Heavy Tuba Gunner is also quite slow, as both his armor and weapons weigh him down heavily. He is almost never seen without a large brass weapon of sorts.


Heavy Tuba Gunner is known for being aggressive, especially to Tuba Gunman. He speaks in a loud voice and often tries to solve problems with violence. Although Heavy Tuba Gunner is a powerful asset in battle, his fellow soldiers often dislike working with him due to his overly reckless demeanor and lack of proper planning. Because of his attitude, King Tuba II usually only gives Heavy Tuba Gunner assignments that involve destroying the opposing party entirely.


Heavy Tuba Gunner is a short-tempered but mighty warrior, capable of decimating hundreds of opponents. Tuba Defender is his older brother and Tuba Gunman is his underling. As stated in his diary, Heavy Tuba Gunner was originally supposed to become a member of the Royal Knights of Brass, however he was rejected due to being too unethical and overly aggressive. Jealous that both his father and older brother had managed to become knights while he couldnt, Heavy Tuba Gunner sought to become as physically powerful as possible, not realizing that he was unable to join due to his lack of morals, not his lack of strength. He would later become one of the best warriors in the Brass Kingdom, feared by both his friends and foes. His assistant, Tuba Gunman, would often become the main target of Heavy Tuba Gunner's fits of rage.

When the Tuba Wars began, King Tuba II would allow Heavy Tuba Gunner to express his violent tendencies much more freely, often letting him destroy rebelling villages or crush opposing armies. Where the past kings of the Brass Kingdom saw unchecked brutality, King Tuba II saw a powerful asset in Heavy Tuba Gunner, promoting him to becoming a high-ranking member of the Tuba Legion.

In the events of the game, Heavy Tuba Gunner can be seen alongside Tuba Gunman in several scenes, however he cant be battled until Maestro completes certain questlines at Harpstring City. Heavy Tuba Gunner is then assigned by King Tuba II to lead an attack on The Kingdom of the Harps in order to gain a foothold against the String Kingdom's southwestern coast. The Brass Navy would then invade Pedal Harp Point in an attempt to overtake the city, and the player themselves must battle Heavy Tuba Gunner as the String Kingdom Militia fights the Brass Army. Should the player win, the navy will be driven back and The Kingdom of the Harps will be saved, giving Maestro more recognition among both the harps, strings, and brass.


  • The photo for Heavy Tuba Gunner had the title 'Lörd Tüba, Defender of Instruments' when posted on the subreddit r/BossFight,[1] though they were named Heavy Tuba Gunner by lizzardborn.